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Can you imagine being a parent carer 24 hours a day not being able to sleep properly every day of the year. Just as importantly because you have to give 100% of your attention to your disabled child you know you are giving your other children less attention than they deserve. Holidays or days out are not an option. Even shopping can be near impossible.

This is where Beaulieu House comes in, whether its for an afternoon tea break, an overnight or weekend stay. This gives the child the chance to make friends in a safe happy facility but importantly this gives mum, dad, brothers and sisters the chance to have some “normal time” just to do the simple things that we all take for granted and to re charge their batteries.

Beaulieu House now has a permanent residential department. In essence, a home for children with complex disabilities who for one reason or other cannot be at home with their families. Beaulieu Respite are proud to be able to help these children alongside those who come for respite.

If respite is not available then families can go in to crisis. This will often end up with the child being put in to residential care because the family unit falls apart. This is often unnecessary and a very expensive outcome with lives being ruined.

photoCAVPG8OU copy.jpgsmall

Some of our children and staff with our Patron, Mark King from Level 42

Beaulieu Respite is a registered charity originally formed to provide Beaulieu House with the extra’s which neither the Council or NHS can provide. We fundraise towards projects from supplying iPads and music machines for the children to much larger projects like their specialised playground equipment. We have bought electrically operated sun shades for one of the play areas so that the children can play outside for longer without getting sunburnt. These are also heated so can be used for most of the year. There is also a reflective garden being installed with the help of volunteers from Ventnor Botanical Gardens and a youth version of Rotary Club called Interact. We also fund many trips for the children on a regular basis. This year we have also had a new sensory room installed which is highly used by our special children and young people and gives them a lot of enjoyment. Our latest purchase is a seven seat car with wheelchair access. This will be used to collect the children from school and take them out on trips.

We are increasingly finding the need for respite outweighs the provision that can currently be given at Beaulieu House. Because of this we have decided to look at ways we can help provide respite for other Island families. It is therefore more vital than ever that we and organisations that support us fundraise for these children and their families.

Arreton Barns have given us £300 which was the money raised during their Easter Egg Hunt. We also made over £50 doing our children's egg painting session. A big thank you from us Arreton Barns, you are always so helpful X

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We'll be at Arreton Barns on Sunday morning helping children paint eggs for a donation at the barns Easter egg hunt. If you have children please come along, the kids will love it X

Our new gazebo has arrived. Here's a photo of one of the printed side panels. A big thank you to Tracey at the beacon and the beacon itself for doing the artwork free of charge. X

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If you would like to enter the survey for disability access for Cowes please go to you could be a great help X

We recently had a great donation from SB Electrical of £3,344.59 from their sponsored tough mudder trial. Thanks guys x

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