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‘Our son used Beaulieu for respite for 8 years, and for us, that time was an absolute godsend. To know we could have an evening and overnight free for ourselves, to do as we wanted, but knowing that our son was happy and well taken care of, was an enormous relief. Knowing, too, that should there be any sort of emergency at home, there were people who could care for our boy, was a great comfort. The value of such a facility is priceless, and so important to many families.’



” Knowing you have a night of respite coming up keeps you going”


” We could not possibly have managed without Beaulieu – It was a lifeline”

( This child went into full time residential care once they turned 18, which just shows how true what his mum says is)

“When my two boys were at Beaulieu it meant that my other son could have some friends round for tea or a sleep over, people often forget how tuff it is for siblings.  It also it meant my husband & I could go out for a walk or meal together.  Most importantly it Beaulieu was a place for my children to play with their peers, in a safe environment.  When you have a child with special needs, they never go to a friends house for tea.   It’s just wonderful that that they can share the same experiences as everybody else.


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