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“to provide not only a break for the children and young people, in an environment that is safe and non-judgemental,
but also to provide a much needed break for parents and carers it also gives siblings the chance for quality time with their parents”

“breaks for children and young people who have been referred from Social Services…..

  • Overnight/longer stays
  • Tea visits
  • Outreach care (a limited service provided within the home or community)
  • Outings and trips  (Funded by the charity Beaulieu Respite – the fun bit!)

To suit the children and young people with a wide range of physical and health needs, offering hoists and equipment for the safe moving, handling of the children; adjustable height tables; specialist baths; a sensory room; a specially designed play park and health care and monitoring equipment.

At present the Committee consists of twelve members who meet monthly and volunteer their time freely.  We have no overheads and all monies raised go directly to the Beaulieu Respite charity for the children.

Merchandise –
the Charity logo is the “Beaulieu Bee.”  You will see him emblazoned on the “Beaulieu Car” (this car was purchased from the proceeds of the “Walk 4 Beaulieu” in June 2011  Please buy a “Beaulieu Bee”(available at all the Island Festivals in 2013)

2012 project was the “Reflective Garden”, funds have been raised and the new garden has been designed and will be planted out in 2013. This is going to be a great asset for the kids of Beaulieu House to enjoy. Grateful thanks go to the Botanic Gardens Society.

Also the children have enjoyed, from the generosity of donors, trips to Paultons Park on the mainland, the Circus, Havenstreet Railway and the Pantomine at Christmas and many others.   They now have ipads, scooters, games and all the other smaller items that make life fun but would not be available without the original “Friends of Beaulieu”, which is now renamed –  Beaulieu Respite!

On behalf of the children

“ T H A N K  Y O U”

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